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com was founded in 2014 and dedicated to the all new Ducati Scrambler motorcycles for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. tuneboy. There is a complexity never before imagined, and the Engine/Electronic Control Unit (ECU) plays a major role in the performance of the engine. . Here's how to reprogram your car's engine immobilizer to program new keys in the invent of lost keys or a swapped ECU. The software records the RPM,  From basic tuning software has evolved cruise control, quick-shifters, launch control, Brands range from Triumph, Ducati, KTM, Benelli, Aprilia and more… von Triumph-, KTM, Aprilia, Benelli, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, BMW, CCM, Husqvarna & Morini eingebaut sind. This software is compatible with the following models: New Ducati Service / Diagnostics Software & Adapter for DIY servicing It has been a long development process to put this all together. ECU repaired. 1. Free Andoid based Ducati Diagnostic Software. I was a mechanic and tuner for cars for over 10 years and wanted to start venturing into that territory with the Duc. New Ducati Service / Diagnostics Software & Adapter for DIY servicing It has been a long development process to put this all together. The ECU is removed from the motorcycle and connected to a programmer. CONTINENTAL M3C with freescale 9S12XDP256 mask 1L15Y. Rexxer ECU Tuning is a maintenance and repair tune up shop for european motorcycles and scooters in Yorktown, Virginia and near Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Richmond. A 3D Windows application, is designed for customize and monitor all the system paramenters. The Lambda kit and Development harness will allow for tuning in closed loop mode on the street on track. This item was a NEW TAKEOFF. 9 Includes USB cable & Software Disc. The parameters to select in the device configuration are: • ECU manufacturer “DUCATI” • ECU Model “ECU_Nemesis_2”; Looking at the wiring diagram above, these are the connections from the DDA port to the power/ECU (looking at connector from front, latch on the upper side, left to right): 1) +12V 2) Ground 3) ECU B1 pin / CAN Hi 4) ECU C1 pin / CAN Lo And this is the M3C ECU connector pin out as coming off the service manual: Fully programable replacement ECU for any Ducati with a Magneti Marelli 5. An ECU controls and maintains an engine in it`s optimum state by manipulating the sensors and actuators which result in changes of the air-fuel mixture, ignition timing and idle speed. 2015 Ducati Monster 821 OEM ECU IGNITION LOCK KEY SET W/ GAS CAP AND SEAT LOCK. ducati monster 1100s race ecu. ScramblerForum. All operations done by CAN no need to open ECU. :| If you attempt the service reset you will still have a warning present on your dash and "SERVICE" will still scroll every time your key on the bike. Fuel Maps, Ignition Maps, Secondary Throttle Plate Maps, RPM Limiters and many more advanced settings can be modified allowing you to tune your bike to the limit. Being the "complete with ECU" power kit from Ducati Performance, it also includes some Carbon mufflers, open airbox lid, washable filter, 14T front sprocket, 37T and 39T rear sprockets. I believe it is the ecu provided with the termi exhaust, so has a different map but immobilizer is still active. To see all of the Ducati models we offer click here 2014, ducati, ecu, ecunleashed, file, flash 2012 Ducati 848 EVO. JPDIAG allows to diag your bike fitted with magneti marelli ecu such as iaw5am,iaw5sm,iaw7sm(Kline version),MIU, etc . Write a review of your new Ducati Panigale V4 and share your thoughts with other community members. Every ECU is supplied with a base map containing all of the configuration settings and map parameters, enabling you to PRODUCT INFORMATION Fully programable replacement ECU for any Ducati with a Magneti Marelli 5. I'am owner of Ducati MTS-620 and whit MTS-620 VDST gives wrong temperature value's. DUCATI Diagnostic 4 pins Hypermotard Monster Diavel Multistrada Diavel Panigale | eBay Here is the link to JP Diag if you scroll down you can see the melco-diag software which is for a Panigale (Mitsubishi) ecu. This ECU does not require a licence for the diagnostic software to fully function. To down load software. 82 The latest update of K-Suite. It looks like that version 2. Basically it lets you perform basic maintenance on your ECU that would  3 days ago As noted in the software: the software is not for sale! Warning: Don't flash HW1xx versions in a HW3xx ECU and vice versa. aim-sportline. ) $460. Something many have been waiting for, this is a new ECU manufactured by FIM, using Weber Marelli based software (so it works with all std diagnostic tools) and adjustable with FIM software just like that for custom mapping the Weber 1. We will continue to strive to be the premier Ducati Scrambler forum dedicated to this youthful and exhilarating lineup of motorcycles from one of the most storied motorcycle brands in the world, Ducati. Seems like this tool for the M3C ECU might be compatible with a beta Synerject ecu. ST4S With FIM 5. Ducati Multistrada and Diavel hands free system key programming now available for both the key fob and the passive key. I'm looking at it right now. Specialising in Ducati Panigale, Diavel and MTS1200. com Chapter 3 – Communication protocol Channels received by AIM loggers connected to Ingnijet_2007 Plug&Play for Ducati 999/1098 are: ID CHANNEL NAME FUNCTION ECU_1 IG_RPM RPM value ECU_2 IG_SPEED Speed value ECU_3 IG_GEAR Gear number The Nemesis Ecu is a very powerful engine control unit that will allow full ignition and fuel mapping. Genuine parts and accessories, Ducati Performance Parts and Accesories, Race Paintwork, Parts, Anodising Service. from $380. TuneECU – Free diagnostic software for your Motorbike! Aprilia Adaptor Cable Convertor 16 to 6 pin TuneECU is a totally FREE software for the reprogramming, diagnosis and testing of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) fitted to Electronic Fuel Injected motorbikes. However, we'll do our best describing and picturing them to avoid any I don't have any specific questions right now, but I've been searching for in-depth Ducati ECU tuning resources. Find specific ECUnleashed products for your vehicle. http://www. 00 for all models of Ducati We are able to provide updated ECU mapping for all models of Ducati that have the Magneti Marelli,Seimans VDO and Mitsubishi ECU. Diagnostic programs and ECU mapping updates. View and select your desired calibration settings including DPF removal and EGR deactivations. original  Results 1 - 48 of 98 Through our workshop, we now have the ability to read and reprogramme the ECU software on the majority of modern Ducati motorcycles:  Where did you get your cables and did you use the free TuneECU software? Thinking about doing this to my 07 695. Wondering if anyone local can flash the ecu for a decent price? Motorbike ecu remapping is a far more effective way to tune your motorbike than using a power commander as the standard ecu has far more control over the whole engine. 00. - Unlock all   FastBikeGear Ducati RexXer ECU Performance mapping [RXR-DUC] - What difference will a RexXer map make to your riding pleasure? In short it will transform . 2013 Ducati 848 EVO. This appears to be a very useful tool for diagnostics and troubleshooting of the Ducati ecu. Woolich Racing. Get Flashed while you wait! Ducati Service also Available by Thomas Performance How to use Tuneboy ECU flash kit to load fuel map and trim for Ducati 1199 S. Furthermore, Ducati continuously invests in the technical training of its dealership staff: only through the Official Ducati Service network will you find the skills and tools needed to carry out all those fundamental procedures that will ensure your Ducati continues to perform at the highest level. Woolich Racing Ducati 1199 Panigale R ECU Flashing products allow you to tune the maps and settings in the Ducati 1199 Panigale R ECU. "New" refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, and "Used" refers to an item that has been used previously. Ducati Performance mapping at $400. I saved 4 hour driving to nearest Ducati Service point by ordering VDST from DESMOTIMES You are currently not surfing on . 812,677 likes · 160 talking about this. net spoke exclusively to MotoGP ECU remapping APRILIA ECU remapping ARCTIC CAT ECU remapping BAJAJ ECU remapping BENELLI ECU remapping BETAMOTOR ECU remapping BMW MOTORRAD ECU remapping CAN-AM/BRP ECU remapping CF MOTO ECU remapping DERBI ECU remapping DUCATI ECU remapping GHEZZI BRIAN ECU remapping GILERA ECU remapping HARLEY DAVIDSON ECU remapping HUSQVARNA ECU remapping INDIAN Serial interface cable for connection with the RexXer EVO and the service plug of the bike. bought this as a back up but never had to use it, checked it with ducatiproteam who said it was ok. Woolich Racing Ducati 1199 / 1199S Panigale ECU Flashing products allow you to tune the maps and settings in the Ducati 1199 / 1199S Panigale ECU. The key is read by the computer and if it matches, it will enable all Just had the latest ECU Software update on my Diavel. A two-man-show, me doing the hardware side (PCB prototyping, component assembly, testing), my brother (he is C++ programmer) working on software side of this project in about 6 month span. Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by chrisw, Mar 7, 2013. It stayed on just for 2 or 3 seconds then went out. The bike started with horrible Ducati Tune Files Now Available – Performance Re-flash. 08. Latest News. The TuneBoy logging software for the Marelli ECU records the information needed to adjust the fuel mapping on your motorcycle. Tool Works with I/O TERMINAL HARDWARE. After TPS reset motor started running better. WELCOME TO BREN TUNING MOTO. Follow Us OpenFlash Tablet for Ducati Diavel (all year models supported; excluding xDiavel) Big power gains and massive ride-ability improvements for your Ducati Diavel in just 5 minutes! This is a fully functional, handheld ECU programming tool that stores up to 5 tuning files (included with purchase). Description: Ducati 1098 / ECU 5AMHW610 only: 2237B37SNPZ. Software can set advance, injection time and many other functions. You are purchasingDucati 1098R RACE ECU ECM Computer 28641721C removed from a2008 DUCATI 1098R. Nemesis ECU - (For Ducati 1098/848/999/749) Welcome to NESR! Most features of this site require registration, including replying to threads, sending private messages, starting new threads, and uploading files. ST4S With Ducati Performance Power Kit. ECU . At bike's computer console readings are 136C and VDST tell's 96C but I have same kind of errors whit evry software at MTS-620. With Tuneboy Software you can buy that non-Ducati exhaust system and eliminate the need for the DP ECU. Capabilities include: use the data from the motorcycle ECU to read (and erase) stored faults, and display "live" data (RPM, battery voltage, throttle angle, etc. Injection and  2016-19 Yamaha YXZ1000R Data-Link ECU Flashing Kits. At the present you can use the RexXer for most models of Ducati (ECU IAW  Through our workshop, we now have the ability to read and reprogramme the ECU software on the majority of modern Ducati motorcycles: Why? well we have   Prior to 2009 Ducati performance (DP) ECU's that are included in Termi It's a shareware DIY software package that I know very little about but  Woolich Racing Ducati ECU Flashing products allow you to tune the maps and settings in the Ducati Tuning Shop Packages · Woolich Racing Tuned Software   By reading around here I have understood that Tuneboy have the possibility to reset service light (when tuneboy software flashed to the ECU). Ducati's rivals were unhappy at the Open move and a compromise kept the official team as a Registered users can share their experience with this product. 2. Attention !!! Existing Custom maps should only be used as a basis for a fine-tuning. JPDiag :: Index - Stand alone ECU - PC Interface - PC Cable - Tuning Software This unit is fully compatible with the original DUCATI dashboard. For bikes with the IAW5AM ECU use ‘Fast Init’ and a licence is required to fully function. Modern Toyota and Lexus vehicles use a key with an embedded RFID chip as an added means of theft prevention. com. Woolich Racing Ducati 959 Panigale ECU Flashing products allow you to tune the maps and settings in the Ducati 959 Panigale ECU. The software allows access to So the race ecu didn't work. By means of an included adapter, the unit can be connected to an USB port of a common Windows PC. I have used a similar software on my KTM 990 (tuneECU) and its nice to have that as another tool in the box. I usually just try to reinstall the drivers from the CD with the EXE file and USUALLY, that solves the problem. There is a "Ducati performance" race ecu that has the immo disabled, but they going for 649usd on eBay. Ducati models are supported only by TuneECU for Android. 4K likes. There is a fee associated with using the software to download maps to your ecu, not sure what that cost is. Improved fly by wire throttle. 00 2015 -18 Kawasaki H2R Data Link Bench ECU Flashing Kit (Intl. Ducati Hypermotard & Streetfighter lost key and pin code programming available. Race and Trackday Preparation and Services. Injection and ignition control unit, plug and play, specially designed to be used on different DUCATI models, replacing the original Magneti Marelli 5AM or 5. Here's a pic of the interface for the service indicator/TPS reset: HSBK Racing was founded in 2005. 15P. Tuning software, cruise This is a common failing engine ECU for the Ducati ST4S, the common symptom for ECU failure is a constant misfire on one of the cylinders. Tuneboy Engine Management Systems, Hornsby, New South Wales. 28 and . We can adjust and retune the following ECU's for Ducati: Marelli 59M / 5AM (S4R , 996R, 998, 999, 1098 , 848) Mitsubishi (1199 Panigale, Multistrada 1200, diavel) We are also happy to upgrade the ECU on your Ducati to either Marelli or MoTeC racing systems and can provide a bespoke wiring harness, datalogging and dashboard set up. which allows you to read and program in BDM mode ECU. Log on to the Piaggio portal. Ducati ECU Mapping what ECU remapping and modification is all about ,We are specialists in motorcycle performance parts and carbon fibre, contact us for a discount coupon code. New Software In the new year, we had a software update roll-out that caused some issue with a select few OFT’s where they would no longer read/write the ECU, or interact with OpenFlash Manager to upload/download ROM files and Datalogs. Thanks for any info. Also - if you've had your Panigale custom tuned somewhere, and it still isn't as smooth or responsive as you think it could be, give us a call or email and we can set up a diagnostic dyno test with the 5 gas EGA. Parts are described to the best of our ability The correct setting for this ECU is ‘Slow Init’. Without a test run on a dynamometer, you should not use these Custom maps, because every engine is different. M3C Software allows to diag your bike fitted with siemens continental ecu. 1199 Panigale , Diavel, Hypermotard EVO, Monster 696/796/1100, Multistrada 1200 e Ducati DTC Registered users can share their experience with this product. My dealer said it was made available on his system only a few days ago. Injection and ignition control unit, specially designed for use on various Ducati models, replacing the original factory ECU. 30 has problems with the new FT232R chip in some constellations. New Family 271 (DUCATI/GUZZI/PIAGGIO MARELLI IAW 15M KLINE. 9M Replacement ECU. Diese Software ist mit folgenden Modellen  The auxiliary module is dependent on the signals that the original ECU receives. jpl250rs diag diagnostic, ducati guzzi, morini ,piaggo , mp3 , ducatidiag. At July 2013 Microtec M197 can replace these Ducati bikes ECU: Before connecting the ECU to AiM device set this up using AiM Race Studio software. Fast and free shipping on all orders! ScramblerForum. K-Suite version 1. this is an ecu/eprom, i believe this is a stanard/original part. Tune your bike to the limit with our advanced ECU Tuning products for Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Take a close look at the map values*: all other brands of add-on modules claim to modify the injection values, but in reality Rapid Bike is the only one allowing you to take action and reach consistent results with re-mapping the most critical section of the power delivery curve, that is the range of low and medium rpm where the lambda sensor is in full control of fueling parameters. · Get access to your ECU without complicated commands or confusing software. The OBD2 connector (Ducati "DDA" connector) is located under the seat. Yamaha YZF R1 2013 lost key programming available. · Find out why that fault light is on - and then clear it! A smart move, which gave Ducati a solid and fair advantage in the perspective of the 2016 unified ECU software… and a non-negligible threat for Honda, despite the proven current superiority of The software is free and is licensed for your ecu's s/n. Tune No. We welcome everyone and the community is free to join so register today and become part of the Ducati Panigale Forum family! Tune ECU, TuneEdit and Microtec, on the same computer can have issues - such as, connecting at idle but losing com at higher rpm. Vehicle Search. Units contains  Jul 7, 2016 With the release of this version the IDC4E software includes an additional function: (DSK), KELLER and a series of important developments for DUCATI. Whether your goal be a quarter mile monster or a MotoGP contender, BrenTuning has what you need to get you across the finish line. TuneECU is a software for reprogramming, diagnosis and tests of engine control unit (ECU), which are built into the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected) models of Triumph, KTM, Aprilia, Benelli, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, BMW, CCM, Husqvarna & Morini. I forgot to ask what version no. Through our workshop, we now have the ability to read and reprogramme the ECU software on the majority of modern Ducati motorcycles: TuneBoy is all about helping you look after your bike yourself. ECUS supported 1. Use the blue copy button in the software and then the request page on the website. A power commander will only adjust the fuel mixture by changing the injection duty cycle. the spark driver These tools are capable of diagnosing faults on motorcycles from brands such as Harley-Davidson ®, Yamaha ®, Honda ®, Kawasaki ®, BMW ®, Ducati ®, and Suzuki ®. and the ECU Update function (injection control reprogramming). Simply upload your (car / vehicle) factory ECU calibration file to our revolutionary patent pending ECU tuning software. This application requires an USB/OBD2 cable with FTDI chipset or a Bluetooth ELM327 adapter. CONTINENTAL M3C with freescale 9S12XET256 mask 2M53J Welcome to the largest Ducati Panigale Forum dedicated to the Ducati Panigale V4, Ducati 1299, Ducati 1199, Ducati 959, Ducati 899. 14 of the driver. You will brick  PC software for programming units IGNIJET DUCATI. EXE is part of delivery. We specialize in BMW S1000RR and Ducati performance parts and tuning. I was told about this software recently by a local DOC member. Mistubishi - As used on many later model Ducati motorcycles (1199 / 899 / MTS1200 etc) MoTeC - MoTeC datalogging, ECU and Dash systems - as used on BSB Superbike and Supersport machines. hex OEM md5checksum: 1098S. (V-ISCJG4, SKU: 872834010). Crash. Another first by ECUMeistro here in Aus !!! Hayabusa 2013 rough running. Removed From: 2015 Ducati Monster 821 with miles. The addition of the Nemesis quickshifter will allow full throttle upshifts and is adjustable in the Nemesis software @silverluxe @Quack The ECU hardware is the same but they changed the internal software significantly. Ducati Depot offers a complete line of ECU, Dash & Key programming services for all Ducati Superbikes, Monsters, Supersports, Streetfighters, Sport/Paul Smart/GT models, Diavels, Multistradas and Hypermotards 1995 to present. If the ecu is on yer bike still, the fiat type cable Motorcycle flash tuning Motorcycle Tune Rexxer ECU Flash Tuning for BMW Ducati Triumph KTM Motorcycles based in Greensboro, NC. Usually software is installed on a laptop but sometimes is a stand alone module or other system. To use for Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini, Gilera, Piaggio, Peugeot and MV Agusta bikes using ECU Generation IAW 5xx/7xx/15M/15RC/MIU. DealerTool is a software and interface package that gives you the ability to maintain your own bike. Avanti Race Parts - Ducati Parts and Accessories for Road and Race Motorcycles. Sure would be nice to at least run a diagnostic test on the ECU and not relay on the dealer. I supplied the Microtec Ducati software for a download but not Microtec support. TuneECU is an application that allows reprogramming (1), diagnosis and test of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of motorcycles Aprilia, Benelli, Ducati, KTM, Moto   100% compatible with the brilliant TuneECU software to talk to your Triumph, KTM, GUZZIDIAG JPDIAG DUCATIDIAG KIT - INTERFACE + ADAPTOR (KL & 3  Aug 15, 2018 This article is about installing Fuelino on a Ducati Monster 797 to modify On opposite, the new software, which I am going to describe in this article, and the original ECU installed on the motorycle is a Synerject M3C, like  Fully programable replacement ECU for any Ducati with a Magneti Marelli 5. Register to access all of the benefits reserved to registered users or click on login if you are already registered. Be sure to let us know what you love and what changes you would make. I was on my way in to work this morning on the Diavel and happened to be glancing down at the little snowflake on the display when suddenly a huge bright red light came on saying DEVICE ECU! in really big letters. It is also about letting YOU tune your bike. Is the euro 3 500 program Two are ECU updates. Fully programable replacement ECU for any Ducati with a Magneti Marelli 5. In order for to run correctly, please We specialize in Performance Tuning Equipment - from simple and effective flash tuners and scan tools to gear for the experience EFI Tuner and Pro Mechanic. Motorcycle publication reviews of the Ducati Panigale V4 will also be in this section. RexXer has been very popular with all models of Ducati as to the removel of the low Rpm snatching and providing a more smoother, linier throttle delivery Motorcycle Remapping available from MotoTuning, ECU Flash available for a wide range of makes including Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki & Honda. Before connecting the ECU to AiM device set this up using AiM Race Studio software. The addition of the Microtec quickshifter will allow full throttle upshifts and is adjustable in the Microtec software Channels received by AIM devices connected to "Ducati" "Hypermotard" protocol are: ID CHANNEL NAME FUNCTION ECU_1 HY_RPM RPM ECU_2 HY_SPEED Vehicle speed ECU_3 HY_THRT2 Throttle position sensor 1 ECU_4 HY_THRT1 Throttle position sensor 2 ECU_5 HY_ENGT Engine temperature ECU_6 HY_IAT Intake air temperature ECU_7 HY_VBATT Battery supply MOTORCYCLE ECU TOOL1. AutoTune software is progressing to cover as many brands as possible to help the end user build custom maps for their bike, whether it is a stock standard bike or something with a little more “bling”. Known for providing enthusiast with a diverse line of high performance bikes, parts and apparel, we are the nations premier all Italian online store. 01 4 www. The software records the RPM, throttle position, engine temperature and up to two wide band Air Fuel ratio inputs (LC-2 wide-band O2 sensor kit is sold separately). I just want to know what software and hardware I would need in order to flash my stock ECU? Is there a way to put custom maps on it, or would I have to get a more generic DP map just like if I was to buy a DP ECU? Also, how hard or easy is this to do for the average person? Woolich Racing Ducati ECU Flashing products allow you to tune the maps and settings in the Ducati ECU. Follow Ducati on Instagram The style and performance of our bikes, the thrills of the MotoGP and Superbike championships, the emotions of the events and all your passion. Catch up on the latest news, events, and IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We wish to inform you that when using the RexXer „User“ with the Siemens ECU M3C for the Ducati models Monster 696/796/1100 + EVO (all versions) and Hypermotard 796/1100 EVO SP (all versions) and the Melco Mitsubishi ECU, as used for the Ducati MTS1200 (all versions), Diavel (all versions) and 1199 Panigale (all Many, including Honda, have been quick to point out the timing of a major new software upgrade to the Open ECU, just days before Ducati's Open announcement. Tool for reading,writing full flash memories from DUCATI BIKES ECUS made by CONTINENTAL. 2010 Ducati Streetfighter Fuel Injection Remap - Quick Fix Termignoni full exhaust system that in­cluded a new ECU with a different fuel map, or an $1877 Termignoni slip-on mufflers/ECU combo The Microtec Ecu is a very powerful engine control unit that will allow full ignition and fuel mapping. Die Benutzung der Software erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr! Keinerlei Haftung! The usage of this software is at one's own risk! No liability! FTDI Driver Windows: If you have problems to get a connection try to install version 2. All identification and ASAP2 - A2L verification is automatically carried out. I created this simple guide to show you how to simply make a DDA OBD2 connector for your Ducati Monster (797 or older models with fuel injection). Discover the Ducati world also on Instagram. 2006 Ducati Sport 1000, black Zard Ti exhaust, DP ECU, Waspworks PUK, Speedymoto triples, 999 Showa forks, ABM clip-ons, RCs master cylinders, Rizoma reservoirs, Oberon bar end turn signals, CRG arrow mirrors, ProGrip XL grips, Corse Dynamics headlight, Brembo silver line 4p/4p calipers, Braketech Axis Iron rotors, 999 cast aluminum wheels, S4RS CF fender, MW CF fuel cap, Corse Dynamics gauge Ducati's own electronics consisted of a 'Magneti Marelli ECU programmed with Ducati factory software'. jpdiag Here is the link to the forum so quite a bit of info and help with getting setup. TuneECU is an application that allows reprograming, diagnosis and test of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of motorcycles Aprilia, Benelli, Ducati, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Triumph. au/ducati_mitsubishi/ Ducati 1199 Panigale S K&N air filter with Termignoni Race silencer Full custom cylinder mapping on both fuel and ignition tables. ) IGNIJET 2007 Plug&Play Ducati 999/1098 Technical documentation Release 1. it is, but its supposed to improve throttle responce and driveability in all Modes. TuneECU is an application that allows reprograming, diagnosis and test of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of motorcycles Triumph, KTM, Aprilia, Benelli, Ducati and Moto Guzzi. The correct setting for this ECU is ‘Slow Init’. eBay determines trending price through a machine-learned model of the product's sale prices within the last 90 days. 9. The Nemesis 'plug in' replacement ECU for Ducati is now officially here and available for installation on any 749 / 999 and 1098 Ducati. Injection and ignition control unit, specially   For any further information concerning ECU firmware / software settings Nemesis 2 Plug&Play ECU fits perfectly the following Ducati Bike models (all years):. 5M ECU, found in SS/M ie models. PRODUCT INFORMATION. ducati ecu software

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